Renewed Faith

I've been gone in the blogging world for about 5 years and my 
last entry was way back 2009. You might be wondering why? Eto ang sagot...

Besides working, what occupied my time was entering a new world, ang Mundo ng Pagsa-Santo. From my previous posts, I already displayed my love for the Religious and Ecclesiastical Arts (You can check it: Feast of St. Anne and Angono's observance of the Holy Wednesday and Good Friday processions) but during the summer of 2012 when I truly yielded to my long-lost passion.

kneeling in front of La Purisima Conception of Malabon

The Santo world is as complex as one can imagine. They have this distinct terms and words to describe things that only them can fully understand, a genre of music usually heard on town fiestas accompanied with a full set of marching band, dance-steps like no other but can make you watch them over and over and all these to show their faith and devotion.

As a child, One of my biggest dreams was to be a 'Recamadero' or an owner of a processional image of St. Joseph of Arimathea. After contemplating for so many years and battling the 'Nietzsche' in me.. I've decided that it is time for my dream to come into reality.

It was around May of 2012 when a dear friend who's also a Santero accompanied me to Paete,Laguna and help me negotiate with Tita Celia Cagayat, an Encarnador or a painter of Holy Images, a sought after artist for her craftmanship and talent. After months and months of dreadful waiting, constant phone conversations and exchanges of pictures with Tita Celia, September 8, 2012 (also the birthday of the Virgin Mary) marks the date, my very own processional image of San Jose de Arimatea or Lolo, as we fondly call him, was finally home.

San Jose de Arimatea

This was the beginning of my journey to the Santo world..and this year expect a lot of my entries will be regarding Santos, Santeros, the ins and outs and the rich culture of my new world.

Santero friends after dressing up the image of Sta.Ursula of Binangonan, Rizal

Beata Rieti de Columba of Kuya Jr Cruz of Marikina, City
(Primera Salida - OLA Dominican Procession 2013)

Sancta Maria, Virgo Prudentissima
(First Saturday Dawn Procession 2013)

Altar of Sta.Maria Magdalena Parish, Pililla Rizal

Sto. Niño Festival 2013 - Taytay Rizal

(Some images from my new world.)


  1. Mapapasa yata ako dito sa blog mo... makasalanan ako... huhuhu

  2. Señor, haha trust me me when i say this, mas makasalanan ako sayo. hahaha... apir pare.