MAU 2013: Official Photoshoot


Make up by: Ryanjay Calderon, Remil Cerda & Ms. A.Antazo

Photographers: Bj Tuazon & Echo Dela Cruz
Venue: Brgy. Gupiing, Binangonan Rizal
Models: MAU 2012 Winner, Ms. Angela Martini de Leon & Contestants of Ms. Aligaga Universe 2013

MAU 2012 Angela Martini de Leon

the Contestants:
Gervy Reyes is Miss Puerto Rico
Zana Mirtjela Shala is Miss Kosovo
Alex Reyes is Miss Dominican Republic 
Latrice Yurena Rodriguez is Miss Spain

Brian Viruez is Ms. Bolivia

Rhemil Rinderknecht is Miss Switzerland


  1. Are these gay man? AKala ko una girl. All shots are great though the first shot with the reigning queen, her legs has this so much tension on going. haha, ANTM ang trip ko.

  2. yeah bro, these are gay men, haha, napeke ka din? apir

  3. yung template mo sir, it's too dark...

    pero interesting topics

    1. thanks for visiting teri, yeah medyo dark nga,
      i am thinking about changing it pero di pa ngayon.. dalaw at tambay ka lang.