tol for you.

A man needs a woman—
Someone to care, share, and trust.
A man needs a woman—
With whom he can believe.
A man needs a woman—
For him to have a reason to live.
A man needs a woman—
So two can enjoy oneness.
A man needs a woman—
The same as a woman needs a man.

by: william j. ludwikowski

for a dear friend, an empowered woman. a woman of substance and elegance.
thank you tol sa lahat ng tulong... isa kang hulog ng langit sa amin.


picture taken by kkL tropa.
model: mahalia carla reveche.


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ang aksidente yon ang nagpabago sa buhay ko.nakaharap ko si kamatayan, nakangiti sya.. hindi na nya kailangan magsalita para maintindihan ko ang gusto nyang sabihin.
hindi ko pa panahon, hindi pa iyon ang araw na makakaharap ko si san pedro.
swerte daw ako, totoo.
yun din ang araw na ang kumag na ako, ay nag bago at mas matapang na humaharap sa hamon ng mundo.
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Here’s the rule:
1. Write a poem or an inspiring line based on a photo of your choice. This photo can be your own, or someone else’s. (If the picture is not yours, please ask permission from the owner when you post it, or better yet, provide only the link to the picture that inspired you, without posting it.)2. Your poem or inspiring line may be of any length, and any genre. It can be humorous, sentimental, heart-warming, whatever. You may write in Ilokano, English or Filipino.
3. Post your inspiring line in your blog and in the comment section of this page (or just a link to your post so we could go and check it there). For poetry submissions, please indicate if you wish your piece to be posted in Bilingual Pen as an article submission.

4. The goal of this game is to get us to write, and express our thoughts and emotions.

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