2014 and beyond...

its been years since i've visited this site and i had that nostalgic moment when i backread all my previous posts...
the moment when i questioned myself.. "what the fuck am i doing updating my facebook and other social networking sites and not even bother updating this blog.." i just snap
millions happened, things changed, tttttthobbies and interest even.. but nothing beats the comfort of writing. so i am back.. for 2014 and beyond.

expect more meaningful, louder and crazier posts from me.. cause i am here to stay!


  1. whoa! Grabe ang gap ng last post mo sa post na to.

  2. hey june, yeah almost 5 years, nawalan bigla ng interest eh. but luckily, i am back. hope that the blogging world will still have an inch of space for me.
    btw, thanks for visiting.

  3. you prove na babalik at babalik kung ano ang hilig ng puso. happy valentione's! hehehe

  4. haha,. salamat Senyor.
    at totoo nakakatuwa na kahit papano e unti unti akong nakakabalik.