Starting Over Again

The movie is a take away from your regular Rom-Com flicks; Star Cinema took advantage of Direk Olivia Lamasan wide range experience in directing heart-felt films like Milan, In the Name of Love and The Mistress to name a few.
Piolo’s acting as usual is great and showed his versatility but Toni Gonzagas portrayal of “Ginny” was evidently well researched, may hugot and on top of all the movies she did in terms of acting. From the start I believed that Toni’s character was tailor-fit for her, no other actress can play that role better than how she played it.

The Story started when Toni’s character Ginny – an Architect, left Marco – Piolo’s character for unknown reason, until Ginny received an email from Marco via LetterLater.com which is a Web site that allows users to send letters to anyone at a future date. The letter was written by Marco after their break-up and intended to be read by Ginny in her 30th Birthday.
The complications grew bigger when the two characters meet again after four years for a proposed restoration of Marco’s Ancestral House.
Ginny accepted the project despite knowing that it should be finished for Marco’s wedding-proposal to his new girlfriend Patty – played by Iza Calzado. Toni G’s character took it as a sign that they are meant to be back together and did everything to win back Marco.

Series of memories and flashbacks help viewers to relate to both parties and help piece the story together.
Patty, Iza’s character was deep yet subtle, a combination that she really played well. But what you will really love about Patty is her ability to send deep messages in between communal conversations. The Duo of Cai Cortez & Beauty Gonzales provided the comic-relief needed in between heavy scenes. 

All in all the film has a superb screenplay and can brag about its cinematography. Perhaps Carmi Raymundo and Direk Lamasan can work again in the future and give us yet another great film.

My Verdict: Shell out and treat your best buddy! Makaka-relate kayo one-way or another!

Fave Lines:

  • "Our love may be quiet and boring but it is sure. With the right amount of trust and love, and even an allowance for mistake. I love him Ginny and in love, there is no fear."
  • "Adik ka na naman sa pag-asa eh. Try mo na kaya lumaklak ng realidad?"
  • "I have a confession to make, the first time I saw you, hindi kita gusto. Parang may nagsasabi na isa kang malaking sakit sa ulo."
  • "If you insist, how can I resist?"
  • "Kaibigan kita and I refuse to watch you kill yourself."
  • "I will do everything it takes to bring you back. I will never lose hope that we will have our second chance."
  • "What you don't know won't hurt you."
  • "It's complicated. It's a recipe for disaster."
  • "No worries my friend. From now on, PSP. Past is past."
  • "I deserve an explanation. I need an acceptable reason."
  • "I was beginning to see my father in you. Talunan, mababa ang pangarap. Paano ko sasabihin sa'yo na unti-unti ng nawawala ang tiwala ko sa'yo."
  • "I almost died and everyday, I wish I'm dead."
  • "Yang hope na yan. Lason yan. Parang drugs na nakaka-adik."
  • "Kung wala kasi nun, ang sakit. Sobrang sakit."
  • "Anong karapatan mong hingin ang isang bagay na pinagdamot mong ibigay? I deserved an explanation. I deserved an acceptable reason."


  1. matagal na mareng, 9years na to,may mga sabbatical leave lang right here and there. hahaha. IMY.

  2. infairness sayo buko ha.. blogger ka pla.. LOL

    1. iilan lang ang tumatawag na buko sakin.. isa ka sa mga nakakatanda kong kuya sa bulubundukin ng rizal.. magpakilala ka! LOL

      anyway, yes,I am a blogger! assumerang writer, frustrated photgrapher at higit sa lahat.. sintunadong singer. LELS

  3. marami rin akong natutunan sa pelikulang ito! hehe

    1. haha hopefully dumating na ang: "your timing is perfect.." moment mo...

  4. awww.. ang taray! kailangan ko talaga to panoorin, kahit sa tingin ko eh, sakit sa puso to! hahahaha :D

    gusto ko to: "Adik ka na naman sa pag-asa eh. Try mo na kaya lumaklak ng realidad?" iba dating sa akin, ma status nga... pero dapat ko to panoorin. thanks for sharing!

    1. no problem jewel, haha basta bago pumasok ng movie house, prepare ka nang tissue, for sure may lalabas at lalabas na luha e.

      haha. apir!

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