matabungkay batangas

3 hours from the busy and polluted streets of metro manila is a sanctuary for people like me who wants to relax, get in-touch with the sea and in a strict budget.
the place is.... matabungkay, batangas.

i discovered the place when my college friends invited me for a roadtrip down south last 2004, and when i saw the unspoiled beauty and serenity of matabungkay, i fell in love with it.
after that first trip, i easily found a routine to go back and forth at matabungkay, with friends, with someone i fell inlove with or even alone with just my beer and ciggs. the place became my instant sanctuary wherein i can be myself.

after 5 years of regular visit in matabungkay, i saw the drastic change that the native people made to compete with neighboring towns and beaches like calatagan, nasugbu and even puerto galera to attract tourist, some of them good but most of the things they did made a huge impact on the serenity and peacefulness of the place.

the major things that i have noticed was that:
1. there are too many floating kubos at the sea that almost ruined the perfect view of the beach.
i know that matabungkay is famous for their floating kubos but i think its a bit crowded.
2. next is the improper garbage disposal, and i hope that the local government will do something about the trashcans and the time that they will collect it.

i really hope that they can fix this.

i cant blame the people for allowing this changes...i just hope that after 5-10 years, i can still go back to this place and still see the beautiful sunset, the clear blue sea and the smiles of the native people that will surely melt your stress away.


the 8th american idol is...

the battle ground is set for the most thrilling idol-finale ever...
tom. the whole world will welcome the winner of the 8th season of American Idol.

the winner is...
Kris Allen


club serene getaway

last month, my officemates decided to go out-of-town para magpaalam sa summer season. everything was planned pero di talaga kami matuloy-tuloy sa kung anu-anong dahilan tulad ng mga: masyadong malayo yung target na place, may family gathering that day, may health problem at wala nang budget.

after 3-weeks of planning, natuloy din kami last week, di nga lang kasing grande ng mga naunang plano, but i believed that its one of the best outings that we had.

we ended up having an overnight in club serene in antipolo city, the place was not as good as what we've heard but since we are already there and we are all together, we decided to make the most out of it.

ang mga sangkot:

prime - the mother goose, ang punong-abala sa lahat from venue to food.
one of the best girlfriends i have, really a good leader kaya nga naniniwala ako na eto ang susunod na team leader eh.

diane - the boss. pag siya ang nagdecision wala ka nang magagawa at bawal na din tumutol. one of the prettiest face i have seen.. confident, sweet trully a woman of substance.

ed - the photographer. official litratista ng grupo, equipped with his high-end camera, siya ang halos kumuha ng lahat ng moments sa serene.
a good friend, he didn't allow his position to be a hindrance to the happiness of the group.

gani - the thinker. one of my best-buds, despite the age-gap we still have this bonding that you can compare to brothers, from inuman, boyhunting, people watching hanggang yosi, hehehe. a true friend i can really treasure.

angela - the diva. "my bff"... we've been together the longest sa lahat kaya we both know how our minds work. she made the whole group laugh the whole time we were in serene.
a true comedian, artist and the best when it comes to friendship.

and ofcourse ako.

a night of boost, smoke, music, fun and laughter, it was a fitting way to end the summer season, and yes, i agree with all of them, it was a blast.

hehehe next stop: matabungkay!!!


club serene pictures

next time na yung kwento... pictures muna.

ed, angel, prime, gani, me and diane!
hindi pa rin mawawala ang jumpshot!

me diane and angel

ed, prime, diane and gani

angel, my bff, birit lang!!!

*** photos taken by ed cruz.


Pacquiao won!

panalo si Manny Pacquiao!!!
wala talagang kupas ang galing at lakas ng pambansang kamao matapos pabagsakin sa ikalawang round ang mayabang na si Ricky Hatton.
Kudos to you Pacman!
trully, you are the best pound-for-pound boxer in our generation!!!