when i was young, my Mom & Dad constantly remind me that Tattoos are for bad people, yung tipong pang sanggano sa kanto o taong galing sa kulungan. Mga taong iiwasan mo kung nasa katinuan ka ng pag-iisip o bubungguin mo kung wala ka nang balak mabuhay sa mundo. Pag may makakasakay ako dati sa jeep na burdado, I will keep an eye on him thinking na he might robe me or worst the whole jeep.. ganyan mentality ko...
sorry mom & dad..
cant help it.

Sir Ricky Sta.Ana doing my first tatts.

Yes, I had my first tattoo last 2011 done by the great Sir Ricky Sta. Ana. The design is a Borneo Rose that symbolizes a "Warrior" and also protects the bearer from Evil spirits.
At first, it was because of peer-pressure, nagkabuyuhan ang barkada to get inked but I am not that stupid to get a permanent tattoo just because of some lousy asaran. I thought about it for while and after a week, I already had a design in mind.
Oo, pasaway ako caused I didn't listen to my Parents.. but give me some slack, I dedicated my first Tattoo to my Dad. I believe that he was a Warrior, for after suffering an Aneurysm attack, after 3-brain surgeries, he tried to fight his way to a new life..only to lose the battle after a year of being bed-ridden. My Dad's a Warrior - the reason why I got that kind of Tattoo.
The experienced was surreal, i found myself sitting in a "dentist chair" with the tattoo machine creating a "zzzzz" sound.. and then Sir Ricky pointed out his weapon at the design that was transferred from a sketch pad into my skin - and boom! my first blood!
After 40mins. it was done.

Aminado din ako na sa mga nagdaang taon, hindi lang Borneo Rose ang napaburda ko sa aking katawan.. i have 3 tattoos now and will be adding 2 more this first quarter of 2014. totoo nga ang kasabihan na "pag nagpa-tattoo ka, manganganak yan".
totoo na nakaka-adik ang pagpapa-tattoo, that buzzing sound that the tattoo machine creates is a music to my ears, plus the fact that in one way or another, the pain is addicting.
"A lot of my friends have tattoos; I realized that it's not only just a part of pop culture, but a bit of a map on someone's body, which says something about people. A part of their life, like an armor or a crest."
                                     - Christian Louboutin
Now, if I see someone who has an inked in their skin, instead of being wary I have high respect to people with tattoos.
I am interested with the amount of blood and pain that they have to endure in order to get that perfect design, and on how does it compliment with their own great stories.

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  1. Nag-iisip pa rin ako kung ano'ng symbol at saan ako magpapa-tattoo. Pero gusto ko sa Benguet ako tattoo-an. Hehe.