An Appalling Sign

I had a bad dream earlier...

"I saw partner with Someone much older and better looking, and they are having brunch, both seems very happy and sweet at the same time.."

the moment changed..

"I saw myself walking on a deserted road, out of nowhere a car was heading towards my direction, right before the car hit me, it stop.
I saw them again, Partner in the passenger seat and Someone at the driver seat, they are smirking back at me. I ran away.. Someone ran after me.. and when He caught up, He opened his wallet and gave me money, an amount I can't barely recall."

"I look at Partner's direction, a warm smile showed something else, saying let me go and move on.."

"then I saw myself alone and crying... that moment.. I was helpless."


I felt vulnerable, Someone seemed so perfect for Partner, older, wiser and more established -everything I was not. The way Partner smiled back at him showed happiness and contentment, they seemed perfect for each other.

Now everything is unclear.


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    1. already did ser.
      but cant stop thinking about it.

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    1. yeah, but what i hate is the sad reality..

  3. Hi! I saw your blog link on BLOGS NG PINOY. Kindly visit my blog too and maybe we can follow each other. Let me know. Keep in touch dear :)


    1. hi, thanks for dropping by and reading my crazy stuff.. i am a fan now.

  4. Dreams could mean something but then now to me they are just nothing. No worries about it

    1. hi simon, as of the moment, the dream i had turned out to be a warning...
      thanks for dropping btw.