under construction:

not my blog, but my heart...
after what seems like eternity, it ended.

i am picking up the pieces.
got a lot of lessons learned, and things that will remind me of all the memories.
after all the smiles and laughter, its time to move on.


After you go, I can catch on my reading
After you go, I have lot more time sleeping
And when you go, it looks like thing's gonna be lot easier
Life would be at ease you know
I really should be glad.

Chorus:But I'm bluer than blue
Sadder than sad
You're the only life this empty room has ever had
Life without you is gonna be
Bluer than blue..

After you go, I have a lot more room in my closet
After you go, I can stay out long if I feel like
And when you go, I can run through half screaming
And no one can ever hear me
I really should be glad
(Repeat Chorus)
I don't have to miss no tv show
I can start my whole life over
Change the numbers on my telephone
but the night will sure be colder.

(Repeat Chorus)

Bluer than blue
Bluer than blue
Bluer than blue..


  1. the construction will take some time...

    i wish you well, mate...

  2. i've been there, i know exactly how it feel, you don't even know what to do after he/she broke your heart. things are hard to catch up, longing for someone will make you crazy, damn those nights na ur all alone, missing some txt that says.. iloveu,imissu hayyy..

    yah picking up all those things in pieces is not hard coz friends are always there to help u pick those things, it may take time to rebuild it, and this time be sure it will be strong,
    stronger than the powerful wind.

    you loved him and the worst thing is that your giving him the permission to hurt you.

    in this kind of relationship you don't have to expect to last it long or forever, but while sharing love, enjoy it!! whoever comesin your life, give the best!

    im here for you.. im just txt away bro...

    i hope ok ka na...

  3. I just hope you've become a more mature man after that. Now, you know better, in the future, you'll be better. : )