Red Lions roars to 3-peat.

the Red Lions nailed it.
after a long drought for a single championship that ended last season 82.
the Mendiola-based squad arises and roared their way to their second grand slam championship.

hehehe great things will be given to those who wait...

a sweet victory.
season 84 will be the last time we will see Sam Ekwe and Pong Escobal. the duo completed their playing carrers in a very memorable way.
three years of playing for the lion's den and they always live up to the expectations.

kudos to both of you.
continue the legacy.
even if most of the key players will be graduating next year, the lion's den is still in high hopes that we can still win the crown next year.
Jake Pascual, Eduardo Tecson and Chico Tirona will be the guys to look at next season, after a renewed basketball program and a very supportive Bedan community,
I believed that the red lions will be a contender next year.

To the whole Lion’s den,

"Once a Bedan, always a Bedan"