For you..

I am almost there...
I can feel your heartbeat even from a far.
I want to be there beside you,
I will give up the world for you.

Through dark and stormy nights,
We will be together.

I need you,
Your eyes that tells me how you will take care of me,
Your arms that offers me comfort and security,
Your lips, as red as blood, the lips that I want to kiss every time.

I am beginning to feel something,
The rush of blood and the tingle inside me,
those butterflies inside my stomach.
I know, this time I am right.
I am starting to fall.


  1. hehehe. na fall ka na nga bang talaga? hehehe! goodluck.

  2. heheh mejo eh. nagpapaka good boy na nga ako e.

  3. whew. i wonder when someone will write something like this for me. [sigh]

  4. fall? i wonder why it's called falling in love.

  5. flinch: someday bro, someday there will be someone who will not only write things like this for you but also give you everything that you deserved.

    prinsesa: ako rin eh, nagtataka, bakit kaya fall e hindi naman ako nafall... parang umakyat pa nga.

    hehehe ma-emong hatinggabi.

  6. whew!....so this was the poem that you were telling me... hehehe... ang ganda ah...^^

  7. nice.

    ako din nafall... sa chair! choz!

    love the poem.

    bloghopping lang po! he he

  8. Ano ibig sabihin po kung may pumasok na paroparo sa loob ng bahay nyo at sa gabi pa?......