I decided to meet up yesterday with some elementary friends, and boy it was a blast.
Siguro mga 8 months ko na rin di nakikita ang mga mokong na to, and I miss them so much kaya yesterday, we grab an opportuniy to have a reunion, dinner sa megamall.
We’ve been friends since grade 4 and it’s really nice that we kept the friendship until now,  andun na yung kabisado na namin ang isa’t-isa, we have our own language and yung conversations without words, yung tipong titignan kalang nya sa mata and poof! Instant message na agad. Daig pa nga namin ang mobile phone sa bilis ng dating ng message.

ito kami before...

Anyway, these guys still amuses me until now, kahit ang tagal nanamin magkakasama.
Yesterday while having dinner, andun yung small talks, chikahan, kamustahan, asaran and the dreaded shovel-an.

(Shovel-an – term na ginagamit namin pag nag-uungkat ng kung anu-anung kalokohan nung bata.)

While in the middle of the conversation, Jen, the model-ish of the barkada, suddenly blurted out a word that can really give you a nosebleed, the term is EPISTAXIS.
Woooooh! So we all went silent and look at Jen as if she’s from another planet talking with their own language.

EPISSSSS????? What?
So she tried to explain, after her blah-blahs.
It’s a medical term for nose bleeding, bitch!
Hehehe, now that can really give me a nose bleed, uhm or should I say EPISTAXIS,
That’s just genius.

eto kami ngayon...

See. How can they not amuse you, we have a solid friendship, our own language and the ability to talk like your not from earth, I simply love this people.


  1. nice set of friends, really a group you can treasure.
    keep it up.

  2. nice. nakita ko na ulit sila mary ann, cherry at jen. hehe

  3. onga kirk. hehehe 8 years na rin since last tayo nagkita-kita.