Art App: Pinto Art Museum

After Jun of Life & Spices sent me a link about a gallery situated on a hillside village in Antipolo, I immediately asked him if we can check it out last weekend and perhaps due to the rave reviews of fellow bloggers, he agreed (o baka kasi laboy lang talaga sya, lels)

Silangan Garden's Map
thanks to their FB Page

Pinto Art Museum is located at #1 Sierra Madre St. Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo City which is 30mins. away from my place.


It is a 1.2-hectare of breathtakingly beautiful vast gardens and Mediterranean-inspired buildings which serves as a home to Silangan Foundation for the Arts, Culture and Ecology, a Non-Profit Organization that aims to promote Philippine Contemporary Art and spearheaded by Dr. Joven Cuanang, the former Medical Director of St.Luke's Medical Center and an accomplished Neurologist, art-lover, the Museum owner and an Earth Warrior.

One thing I personally don't like inside museums or galleries are their house rules, but Pinto took a different path, they don't have that long, strict & exaggerated rules, no flash photography, take your time and ENJOY!

Enjoy na enjoy sya diba?
The Museum is named "Pinto", since the place is like a door open for all types of Art form.
Methinks that it is named that way so that we can open a door to a different world. A place where we can see, appreciate and interpret the works of each artist, a place to relax, reflect and get in touch with one's self.

Contemplating with Mariko Jacinto's pieces
Karnabal, a 12ftX40ft Acrylic on Canvass by Salingpusa Collective
My favorite part of the Museum
Jun taking his time...
We stayed there for about 3 hours and if time permitted us, we could have stayed longer.
Just a caution for everyone, the place is huge and you will be walking between buildings to galleries, I suggest that you wear comfy clothes, wag nyo nang tularan si Jun. LELS!

pagod na sya nyan...
I am not an art critique nor an art specialist but describing the museum, the art forms and the architecture of the place will eventually lead me to use all the adjectives that I can think of.

Describing it by words won't give it justice.. even camera lens will not show the exuberant beauty it has. So I suggest that the next time you are thinking of a short-weekend getaway, why not drop by Pinto and open it by yourself.

See you again PAM!

More Art pieces:

Fave Shot! Galing ng photog oh!


  1. kainggit naman...will visit that place one of these days...

  2. coolness. natutuwa ako sa mga hidden gems near the metro. hehe