tol for you.

A man needs a woman—
Someone to care, share, and trust.
A man needs a woman—
With whom he can believe.
A man needs a woman—
For him to have a reason to live.
A man needs a woman—
So two can enjoy oneness.
A man needs a woman—
The same as a woman needs a man.

by: william j. ludwikowski

for a dear friend, an empowered woman. a woman of substance and elegance.
thank you tol sa lahat ng tulong... isa kang hulog ng langit sa amin.


picture taken by kkL tropa.
model: mahalia carla reveche.


  1. a man needs a woman

    a woman needs a man

    sometimes, man needs a man

    or a woman needs a woman.

    but the point is...

    we all need someone.

    peace out!

  2. we also need rice, ulam, water and extra rice :) kamusta na ate? :)

  3. thank u tol..kakabasa q lang neto..miss u much :D - carla