Chef Bj: Spag ala Zodiac

---------spag ala zodiac--------

Century tuna flakes in veg oil (180g)
Hunt's traditional style spag sauce (751g)
4 cloves garlic (minced)
1 medium sized onion (finely chopped)
2 tbsp. sugar
luncheon meat (cubed) ****
cooked pasta
parmesan cheese
basil leaf (chopped)
salt & pepper to taste
for the cubed luncheon meat, pwedeng alternative ang bacon o hotdog or any thing na leftover nyo, its your choice.

how to:
igisa ang bawang at sibuyas. lagay ang cubed luncheon meat or any leftover of your choice then ang tuna.
after 3-5 mins. ilagay ang Hunt's spag sauce, let it simmer. set aside.

lagay ang cooked pasta sa pan, lagyan ng considerable amount of sauce at haluin. [considerable amount meaning the pasta will be coated by the sauce pero enough lang para hindi parang sabaw.]

turn off the pan then lagay ang chopped basil at cheese.[turn off the pan para hindi ma-over cooked yung basil at cheese, by doing this, naluluto nung mainit na pasta and sauce yung basil and cheese that gives it a very nice aroma.]
ready to serve.


hehe ayan nanaman. meron nanaman akong adventure sa kusina.
why its called spag ala zodiac? kasi when i was cooking this dish, i was watching zodiac in hbo.
im not that ecstatic about the movie but who cares, ang gwapo kaya ni jake gyllenhaal, and robert downey jr??? omg. scorching hot!!!
this dish is really good for leftovers.
hindi sya papasa for a gourmet pasta pero its good for a quick hearty meal you can enjoy with friends.
bon appétit!


  1. hi jay! omg!! didnt know you know all this stuffs. yum..

    pagluto mo ako nyan. pero gusto ko walang tuna, i dont eat seafoods kasi eh.

    miss ya!

  2. hehe oo naman ate vick. for your highness il do another pasta version without any seafood. promise!