happy 1st birthday.

hep hep! hoooooray!
today i celebrate the 1st birthday of my blog...
hmmm. a roller coaster year for the both of us, a mixture of funny and sad moments, hellos and goodbyes, pain and suffering, smiles and laughters... a year which i can say, i developed and evolved into a real person.

3440 visitors...
1400 views on profile...
46 posts...

not bad for a one-year old blog.
after all the things that happened last year, i hope you will still continue what you have started;
to comfort me and make me realize how beautiful and colorful my life is.

after reviewing all my post, it made me realized one thing...
"life is simple and short, its a matter of choice if you want to be happy or not..."

i wish that you will still accompany me with my pursuit of the true meaning of life.
and of course, i will always look forward to the next time i can share my life with you.

blog, kudos!!!


  1. happy birthday satin!

    weee! ako nung july 5.

    more blog posts to come!


  2. Happy Birthday sa Blog mo (Feeling Close)

  3. Wow! Congratulations! Dalasan mo ang pagsusulat, para maka 100 posts ka na rin at para madagdagan pa ang mga followers mo, BJ.

    [Naalala ko tuloy ang post ko noong birthday ng blog ko. o",)]

  4. hiyah... kudos to you mr. mailap!


    milestones and more joyful moments for you and your bloggie...

    more please... hehehe! i love what you share here...

  5. better late than never...

    maligayang bati sa blog mo

  6. salamat sa lahat ng nag greet!

  7. ...pahabol' hapibertday' angaleng naka isantaon ka na sa pagbblag' ako sa setyembre' anyways akoy nag enjoy sa mga isinulat mo : ) wish ko? Long Blog Life para sayo at sa ating lahat. Apir!

  8. hapi birthday to yer blog man! :]

  9. astig! hapi bday sa blog mo, kip on writing :)

  10. happy anniversary...

    thanks for dropin on my blog.. sure we can exlink.. i would add u up on my links

  11. Heypi bertdey! :D Sarap sa feeling ng matagal na sa blogo, ako kasi lagi ko nabubura blog ko pa tinopak ako. Haaay.