matabungkay batangas

3 hours from the busy and polluted streets of metro manila is a sanctuary for people like me who wants to relax, get in-touch with the sea and in a strict budget.
the place is.... matabungkay, batangas.

i discovered the place when my college friends invited me for a roadtrip down south last 2004, and when i saw the unspoiled beauty and serenity of matabungkay, i fell in love with it.
after that first trip, i easily found a routine to go back and forth at matabungkay, with friends, with someone i fell inlove with or even alone with just my beer and ciggs. the place became my instant sanctuary wherein i can be myself.

after 5 years of regular visit in matabungkay, i saw the drastic change that the native people made to compete with neighboring towns and beaches like calatagan, nasugbu and even puerto galera to attract tourist, some of them good but most of the things they did made a huge impact on the serenity and peacefulness of the place.

the major things that i have noticed was that:
1. there are too many floating kubos at the sea that almost ruined the perfect view of the beach.
i know that matabungkay is famous for their floating kubos but i think its a bit crowded.
2. next is the improper garbage disposal, and i hope that the local government will do something about the trashcans and the time that they will collect it.

i really hope that they can fix this.

i cant blame the people for allowing this changes...i just hope that after 5-10 years, i can still go back to this place and still see the beautiful sunset, the clear blue sea and the smiles of the native people that will surely melt your stress away.


  1. marami talagang magandang beaches sa batangas. swerte ka at nakita mo pa dati ang birheng ganda ng matabungkay.

  2. oohhh. matabungkay. never been there. bet it's a beautiful place :)

  3. i've been to matabungkay for a couple of times during my college days. taga lian kasi ang tatlong barkada ko.

    i remember nung nag dive ako from the floating kubo at nakalimutan ko mababaw lang pala, ayun sakit ng ulo ko kasi sapol sa buhangin. wala na palang floating kubo.

    next time na bumalik ka, itanong mo sa kanila (mga taga roon) kung meron pa silang tampal puke!

  4. hindi pa rin ako nakakarating dito.. sana naman, kung saka-sakaling makakarating ako dito.. makita ko yung gandang minahal mo sa lugar na ito...

  5. wow! inggit ako :)
    the sunset looks good but i agree mejo pangpasira ng view ang mga kubo.

  6. ang dami talgang mgagandang lugar at masasarap na pagkain sa batangas batangas

    im proud to be batangueno

  7. nc blog.. dami tlgang magandang place sa batangas like agoncillo, balete, alitagtag