guilt-free pass

have you ever heard of a guilt-free pass?
hmm. i guess not...
ako rin, until last week when i watched American Pie: the naked mile.

guilt free pass = a pass you can give to your partner in order for them to be single in a given time, doing anything they want to do without feeling guilty.

hmmmm.... possible? i think so.

gago ako to say this, but i think... for a bi couple, there will be a time when both parties will be needing this, lalo na kung nawawala na yung spice sa love story nila.
i know a lot of bi-couples who did it.
at first, i thought it will be a suicide for their relationship, that they will end up in a pit.
but i was wrong, most of the people i know who did it, end up with a stronger relationship.
it is not a question of loyalty or faithfulness, i think it is a question of self disovery, and the key to this tricky "guilt-free pass" is trust.

maybe you are wondering why i have done an entry regarding this topic.
basically, me and my "kaku" dont have a problem.
gusto ko lang makuha opinion nyo... what do you think about a guilt-free pass?
personally. i think it is possible, but not a must to fix things in your relationship.
for some people it might work, for some it might not.
for me... im just happy that me and my "kaku" have this ability to work things out.
love, after all, resolves everyhthing.


  1. miss you sis. for me, i should say that we are all capable of commiting mistakes. whether we are committed or not. guilt free pass for me is simply cheating with consent.


  2. i may sound naive or old fashiobned (which i think i am) but i think guilt-free pass wouldn't make a relationship work. it will just complicates things...but then again, what do i know?..hehe!

  3. guilt-free pass? Napanood ko yung naked mile pero ndi ko naalala to. Siguro sa ibang bagay lang ako nakafocus hehe. Seriously, a guilt-free pass won't work for me. Guilt will depend on what I think is right or wrong not on other people's opinion. Just my two cents.

  4. thanks guys for your comments. hehehe..