Ode to a great man

It’s really hard and heart breaking
To see you go
But it’s the reality that we all must face
For only God has the reason.
I still remember my childhood
The days when we always have fun and play
In my youthful eyes,
I see that you really care.
Time have passed and it feels like forever
Since the time we both talked,
I never noticed that you were always there
You didn’t see that I grew brave.
Now its time to say goodbye,
I felt tears rolling down my face
You are the best man for me, you will always be.
You are the best father that God gave me.

- bj tuazon


  1. very sincere poetry mate...

    simple and yet straight to the heart...

    i want to believe that blogs exist in heaven :)

    peace out!

  2. touch naman ako.. i remember my itay when he passed away.. kaka reconcile ko lang talaga sa kanaya.. for 4 years na may galit ako sa kanya a week after nagkabati kami he died kaya sobrang nasasaktan ako..

    hayyy if i could turn back the time gagawin ko talaga lahat maiparamdam ko lang sa kanya na mahal na mahal ko sya..

    musta ka na bj.. ingat ka lagi ha..

  3. How I wish St. Peter could gain access to this page!